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Advanced Facials

When science meets pampering, Lumiere Aesthetics' range of facial treatments are designed to rejuvenate your skin and relax your mind - leaving you glowing both inwards and outwards. Whether you're after a quick pick-me-up or an ongoing skincare plan, you can trust Lumiere Aesthetics to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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Hydrafacial MD

An A-list Hollywood secret, celebrities love to use HydraFacials to achieve shiny, dewy, glowing skin - allowing them to feel confident and camera-ready the moment they step onto the red carpet.

HydraFacial’s patented technology delivers the results of an advanced facial in just 30 minutes - simultaneously Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Clearing congested pores, so that nourishing serums can penetrate deep into the skin for instantly visible results.

When performed as a series of treatments, you'll notice long-lasting improvements - both in your skin and your confidence.

HydraFacial Signature


The core, essential steps of the HydraFacial experience - Cleanse, Extract and Infuse. A quick but efficient "pick-me up" and a perfect addition when paired with our other advanced treatments.

HydraFacial Deluxe


Indulge in the full HydraFacial experience, including the essential steps of the Signature HydraFacial - Cleanse, Extract and Infuse, followed by a customised mask and HealiteII LED to charge up your skin on a cellular level; Healing, Rejuvenation and Strengthening your skin.

HydraFacial Platinum


For those truly serious about the perfect skin and self-care. Starting with a Lymphatic Drainage to flush toxins, this complete package includes all the steps of the Deluxe HydraFacial - Cleanse, Extract & Infuse. A choice of targeted boosters are then applied: Britenol for brightening; RegenGF for collagen and reducing fine lines; and Ciradia Protect Plus for hydration and sensitivity, before the treatment is finished off with a mask and HealiteII LED

Complete the Hydrafacial Platinum Experience with the Perfect Booster

Platinum HydraFacial with Britenol


Platinum HydraFacial with RegenGF


Platinum Hydrafacial with Circadia Protec Plus



ASAP Gym For Skin Facial

The perfect first step towards your ideal skin and a great introduction to ASAP peels. While ASAP Gym For Skin Facials are considered an entry level peel as they are combining specific peel solutions with a selection of serums tailored to your skin to target a range of skin concerns - offering instant, visible, long term results.

Your therapist will select an ASAP Gym Facial Formula according to your skin's needs on the day. If you have any specific concerns you would like to address, don’t hesitate to talk to your therapist about your choice of Formula.

ASAP Gym For Skin Facial


Treat yourself! Quick, efficient and with immediately noticeable results - because you deserve it. Starting with a double cleansing followed by an exfoliation (if required), your therapist will then tailor and mix a leave-on mask using a combination of ASAP peel and serums that contain a high concentration of active ingredients. These are designed to target your specific skin concerns. While the mask works its magic, enjoy a relaxing head and shoulder massage before the workout is finished off with a hydrating moisturiser and SPF protection.

ASAP Gym For Skin Workout


The ultimate combination of relaxation and results. Melt away as we start with a neck and shoulder massage as we provide a double cleanse and exfoliation (if necessary) followed by a deep, intense facial massage to lift and tone your facial muscles. Next, your therapist will customise and mix your leave-on mask, tailored to your skin's needs, using a combination of ASAP peel and our range of nourishing serums with a high concentration of active ingredients tailored to your personal skin concerns. The luxurious experience is finished off with a relaxing massage, moisturiser and SPF to protect your revitalised skin.

A Personal Trainer, But For your Skin

Let Our Expert Team Choose the Right ASAP Gym For Skin Facial For You

Skin Pigmentation Formula

Skin Rejuvenation Formula

Skin Refining Formula

Skin Replenish Formula

Clear Skin Formula

Skin Regeneration Formula

Platinum Skin Workout

ASAP Essential Facials
Effective Results that Fit Your Schedule

Making Time for Self-Care Has Never Been Easier

ASAP Man’s Business Facial


Luxurious pampering for men- experience our 45-minute men's facial, specifically designed to cater to male skin concerns. The gentle Allantoin-infused peel targets shaving-induced irritations and damage from the elements, followed by a soothing face and neck massage, gently calming and hydrating your skin, leaving your skin soft, rejuvenated and glowing.

ASAP Teenager Acne Facial


A double cleanse, exfoliant and treatment mask enriched with potent ingredients including AHA and BHA, this treatment is specifically designed to target youthful skin prone to breakouts by aiding in balancing hormonal fluctuations that contribute to excess oil production and congestion. By effectively decongesting the skin and stimulating its natural healing processes, you can experience a visibly cleaner, clearer, and radiant complexion.

ASAP Express Facial


Looking for a quick pick-me-up? This convenient, time-saving but thorough cleaning regime option produces a revitalised and luminous complexion. A double cleanse, exfoliation and AHA & BHATreatment Mask rejuvenates and stimulates your skin's natural healing process, effectively and efficiently - making it perfect for those with demanding schedules who desire to maintain a healthy, radiant appearance.


Skin Perfusion Facial
by FILLMED Laboratory France

Skin Perfusion professional treatments are the cutting edge of aesthetic medicine. By combining the use of superficial peels, cryotherapy and phototherapy (LED), Skin Perfusion is able to offer bespoke treatments that takes advantage of CryoLED Technology - an advanced device developed by FILLMED Laboratories that uses cold & light treatments, backed by medical research, to rewind the signs of ageing for a luminous, youthful complexion.

Skin Perfusion Cryotherapy Facial


Starting with a double cleanse followed by an exfoliation or chemical peel if necessary, this quick and efficient treatment uses cryotherapy and our exclusive cryo serums to unlock visible results. Let the power of cold freeze the ageing process before we finish off the treatment by moisturising and protecting the skin with SPF to leave you with a glowing, radiant complexion.

Skin Perfusion Cryotherapy Facial


This luxurious package has all your skin concerns covered! Starting with welcome massage and exfoliation or chemical peel (if necessary), this treatment takes advantage of a range of our advanced treatments. We then move onto cryotherapy to freeze the ageing process, a relaxing deep facial massage to tone and relax your muscles, and LED Phototherapy to heal, smoothen and rejuvenate your skin. This is followed by a double mask - the first being FILLMED’s renowned GR Youth mask, a wonderful blend of Shea Butter and Babassu oil, to replenish the skin’s barrier, leaving your skin visibly plump and hydrated. The second mask is placed on top of the GR Youth mask, providing a second wave of moisture for the ultimate skin rejuvenation results.

Peel Module: Superficial Professional Chemical Peels

Cryotherapy Module: Cryotherapy with Our Exclusive Cryo-serums

LED Module: Phototherapy


Valmont Facial

Switzerland is known for its picturesque beauty, awe-inspiring landscapes, the purity of its resources and medical expertise - therefore it comes as no surprise that Swiss made Valmont treatments embody all these amazing characteristics. These astonishingly effective high-performance anti-aging treatments make use of Switzerland's unique reputation of cellular cosmetics to target the very nucleus of the skin - its DNA and RNA.

Valmont strengthens and stimulates your skin on a cellular level to achieve sublime, youthful, radiant results.

Valmont Hydra Moisturizing Facial


A shower of moisture for your thirsty skin - Valmont’s combination of their signature triple DNA, hyaluronic acid and other moisturising ingredients fills the epidermis with moisture to reduce fine lines, smoothen and tighten your skin. Say goodbye to skin that is rough to the touch, and hello to a radiant, plump, healthy and hydrated complexion.

Valmont Moisturizing Vitality Facial


The modern world is particularly hard on our skin, but it is possible to reduce the signs of fatigue caused by exposure to pollution, ageing, lack of sleep and stress. Restore and revitalise the radiance of your tired skin - the perfect choice for refreshing your complexion.

Valmont AWF5 Lines and Volume Facial


The flow of time slowly deepens fine lines into wrinkles. This anti-wrinkle and lifting treatment not only turns back the hands of time but is coupled with a luxurious, deep, slow and relaxing spa experience - melting your stress away and leaving you with a smile on your face when you see the results in the mirror.


Diamond Polar Lifting Facial
by Venus Legacy

Venus Concept has a stellar reputation in aesthetic treatments. Their famous Diamond Polar Lifting Facials is one of the few that have been FDA cleared to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

This harmonious blend of RF and PEMF works wonders on the skin. The REMF promotes angiogenesis, while the RF generates controlled heat and gentle stimulation on fibroblasts, causing the release of vital growth factors, FGF-2s. This cutting-edge process paves the way for a remarkable increase in collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.
With the Venus Concept treatment, a rejuvenated and flawless complexion is now achievable without any downtime, helping beauty enthusiasts enhance their confidence and feel fabulous in their own skin.

Diamond Polar Lifting Facial


With a similar sensation to a hot stone massage, this 30 minute treatment lets the Diamond Polar handpiece work its magic on your skin by using multi-polar RF and PEMF to improve sagging skin, define your V-shape face line and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with a double cleanse, exfoliation and moisturiser, the Diamond Polar facial will leave you with better circulation, brighter complexion and plumped skin - for youthful, healthy, lifted results.

Diamond Polar Lifting Facial +


Starting with a double cleanse and exfoliation (if needed), relax and indulge for 30 minutes as the Daimond Polar handpiece uses RF and PEMF - a sensation that has been compared to a hot stone massage. This treatment effectively tightens skin, leaving you with a more defined V-shape line. The treatment is finished off with a deep hydration mask, plumping and firming your skin, before a moisturiser is applied to leave you with a bright, youthful complexion.

Diamond Polar Lifting Facial Face & Neck


This full Diamond Polar Lifting treatment is a luxurious combination of relaxation and results. After a double cleanse and exfoliation (if required), enjoy 50 stress-melting minutes, similar to that of a hot hot stone massage, as the Diamond Polar handpiece works its magic tightening and rejuvenating your skin. Hydration mask is then applied on your face and neck, providing an intensive moisturisation and nourishment to lock in and maintain the reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, premature ageing and brightened skin tones achieved by this treatment. Finally, we moisturise and protect your skin with SPF, leaving your skin radiant and youthful.


Healite II LED Therapy

Healite II LED phototherapy is a gentle, yet highly effective treatment designed to cater to all skin types. This therapeutic use of incident light utilises low-level LED light emissions to photomodulate cellular functions, boosting the natural healing mechanisms of your skin. It is entirely safe for individuals at any stage of their life, including pregnant women looking for a soothing and rejuvenating skin treatment. HeatLiteII is the perfect treatment for skin that is too sensitive for other skin treatments.

By healing and strengthening your skin's health from within, Healite II grants you a renewed, radiant complexion that leaves you feeling beautiful and confident.

Healite II LED Light Therapy


Starting with a double cleanse, relax under Heatlite II and melt away as your therapist provides a soothing massage, before the treatment is finished off with a hydrating moisturiser and SPF to protect your skin.

Healite II LED Light Therapy Facial


Enjoy this rejuvenating experience for your skin - starting off with a double cleanse and exfoliation (if required), before relaxing under the healing power of Heatlite II while your therapist provides a calming and relaxing massage. Next, we apply a customised facial mask, to nourish and provide nutrients for your skin. The treatment is finished off with a hydrating moisturiser and SPF to protect your reinvigorated, glowing complexion.

Facial Addons

Power up your Treatment with our Range of Addons.

Massage Therapy - 30min

30min | $90

Massage Therapy - 60min

60min | $130

Healite II LED Therapy

20min | $50

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