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light, radiance, clarity.

Skincare is more than just beauty. Healthy, glowing skin doesn't just radiate outwards, but inwards too - because beautiful skin is the perfect frame for a smile.

Lumiere Aesthetics combines the latest technology with high-quality treatments from experienced, qualified skincare professionals to shine a light on your skin's true potential.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their skin, men, women, mums, teenagers - we all deserve to live our best lives. Lumiere Aesthetics can show you the exact steps for your unique, happy, healthy, skincare journey.

Lumiere skin, Lumiere life.

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Our Exclusive Focus on Skincare Sets Us Apart

At Lumiere Aesthetics, we want to make sure you don't just look great in the moment but get long-term results too.

Our combination of skincare treatments and advanced technology offers a winning combination that makes us the perfect choice for anyone looking to maintain beautiful skin.


The perfect way to treat yourself and maintain your skin's health. With a combination of exfoliation, light peels, and high-tech aesthetics, we provide a pain-free and relaxing experience that will leave your skin clean, glowy, and hydrated.

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Targeted Skin Treatments

Transform your skin with our targeted skin treatment, designed to improve the quality and address specific concerns such as acne, pigmentation, or ageing skin. Our expert estheticians use specific high-tech aesthetics systems, such as lasers and HIFU, to help you achieve a smoother, more even skin tone, as well as more youthful and stronger skin. While a course of treatment may be necessary, our results-driven approach will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

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Body Shaping

Our non-invasive and clinically proven body shaping treatment uses specific high-tech aesthetics systems such as HIFU and Cryo machines to reduce circumferential or localised fat and tighten the skin on the body. A course of treatment may be necessary to achieve optimal results, but our expert approach will help shape your body safely and effectively.

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Cosmetic Injectables

Our cosmetic injectables service is designed to enhance the features of your face by adding volume or reducing lines and wrinkles. Administered by a registered nurse, the effect of the treatment is instant.

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Hydrafacial MD


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ASAP Gym for skin workout


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Skin Perfusion Facial by FILLMED Laboratory


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What our clients say

"I know that my skin is in good hands. Highly recommended, stunning clinic and very professional staff members. Did the platinum hydra-facial and was shocked by the results, will definitely go back to try their other treatments.."

"My experience with Lumiere Aesthetics is absolutely amazing! I highly recommended, services and treatments are professional done. I did the hydra facial and my skin felt so clean and clear after."

"Beautiful and clean place. I compared between several beauty salons and did a Hydrafacial there. Pricing is reasonable and staff are friendly and welcoming."

"Staff are very friendly and professional. Answered all my questions clearly. I had once picoway treatment, will expect for the next one. Highly recommend."

"I had picoway pigment removed . The pigmentation on my checks improved after just one treatment. The therapist are professional and take very good care for me, looking forward my next treatment.

"Convenient location, access to parking and public transport.
Friendly and professional staff
Relaxed and stylish decor, great for social media vibes after your session"

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Advanced Technology for Advanced Skincare: Discover Our Top-of-the-Line Aesthetic Technology

Experience the Future of Skincare

Elevate Your Skincare Routine with Personalised Recommendations for your Unique Skin

Perfect Your Skincare With Our Curated Selection of Products

Choosing the right, high quality products can completely transform your skin. It can take as little as 3 months to noticeably improve the quality of your skin - offering benefits such as less congested skin, fewer acne breakouts, a brighter complexion, a more youthful appearance, and more hydrated skin. Our range of skincare products are formulated with the bio high quality ingredients and designed to address a variety of skin concerns, helping you achieve the healthy, radiant complexion you deserve.

Start your skincare journey with us today and experience the transformative power of quality skincare products

Skincare Prescriptions

Our personalised prescriptions are based on your individual skin type, concerns, expectations, and goals. We offer a range of cosmeceutical skincare products from renowned local, Australian and International Brands, with a curated selection specifically formulated and tested for Australia and New Zealand's harsh sun. Our prescription products feature active ingredients with clinically proven effects such as retinol, AHA & BHAs, vitamin C, and more.

Trust our expert team to help you achieve the best possible skin with a personalised prescription that is tailored to your unique needs.

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